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1/7's Area

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Looking Down into the Compound at 1/7's Area

For some reason I bought some black and white film to experiment with.  Sorry.  This is a photo from the top of a hill above 1/7’s rear area (1st Battalion, Seventh Marines) near Da Nang where we spent some time.  It looks like the Southern California desert, but believe me, it was very green as can be seen in the next color photo. At the bottom of this big hill was the compound, and in the distance a sandy flatland, and then the Pacific Ocean.  I used to day dream if I swam or rafted and went directly west, I would come to my old spring break stomping grounds on the beach at Newport or Laguna.  Good luck. (8/8/2012)


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The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all.  Amen.