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And this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations; and then shall the end come. -(Matthew 24:14)

There is some debate at what time and under what conditions the gospel is preached in all the world, but I think it has already happened.  For one thing, the verse says “preached in all the world” but it does not say preached to every person in the world.  So, to me that makes sense.  For example, you may go out into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature you come across, but not every creature will be preached to necessarily.  As you can imagine, there are those who have died or will die and never hear the gospel, or they’re too young to understand, or they’re mentally infirm.  I suppose you can think of other reasons too, but considering the Lord is just, there is a way the gospel was, or is fully presented to the world, “and then shall the end come."

This reminds me of the gas station attendant I asked, “Are you ready to meet the Lord?”  His answer was, “Well, I figure because the temple has got to be rebuilt before the Lord returns, I got at least 17 years to get serious about things.” That was almost 30 years ago, so he’s probably delighted about the delay.  But for your information, the temple of God has already been rebuilt on resurrection day some 2000 years ago….  You know, God’s temple, his body.   (That’s some more thinkin’ stuff for you denominational folk to think about who don’t think much.  It couldn’t be the Lord Jesus talks in spiritual terms on occasion, and you just don’t get it?  O ye of little faith, check it out in John Chapter 2.)

Well, back on track here.  It might be worth considering that when the gospel is preached to those that have authority over others (like kings, queens, prime ministers, and presidents) the gospel is in effect being preached to those who are under their authority.  And you’d think if a ruler was born again, he’d tell those he rules over about it.   I bet you never saw or heard that happening in America?  And by the way, how many presidents have claimed to be Christian anyway?  Most - but they don’t tell their electorate about the only way, the truth, and the life that will save them and their country from corruption and ruin, and bring them peace and prosperity.  The reason they don’t, I figure, is, they don‘t believe.  But what many politicians do believe is to join some church that makes them look religious and to appeal to certain groups.  So, if they live in the South, for example, they join the Baptist or Methodist Church; and if they live in New England, maybe the Episcopal Church; and if they live in Chicago, they join a black racist church – at least until they run for President and white folk start to find out.

Let’s consider rulers with authority over others in the Bible: Caiaphas the Jew’s high priest, Pilate the governor, and Herod the king.  They all had the Lord Jesus Christ right before them,  and what did they do? They rejected him, mocked him, and crucified him.  I don’t read anywhere where they repented and in turn told the truth of the gospel to those they ruled over.  And let us not forget about Caesar who Paul had appealed to in his legal case.  He must have been a witness to Caesar, or to those who were his representatives, and what did they do with the gospel?  Listen, my friend, the high priest, the governor, and the king rejected the gospel on behalf of those they ruled over, the Jews; but Caesar rejected it on behalf of the world.  And this rejection of the Lord Jesus brought about the destruction of Jerusalem, where the abomination was, and where it ought not to have been.  And that abominable fact is relevant for today and today’s believers and will be discussed in The Last Days Are Here Part 6, the Lord willing.  How appropriate – Part 6 – six being the number of sinful man.

So if you’re worried about some fellow in China, or native in the rainforest of the Amazon not being able to hear the gospel – go - that’s your mission field.  And if you don’t go, maybe the Lord will have someone drop a Bible out of an airplane window as it flies over.  But a real case I heard of God getting the gospel to those who desire to hear, was  the guy in a Communist Vietnamese re-education camp who emptied chamber pots where the Bible was used as toilet paper.  He was so desperate to learn about the Lord, he retrieved the pages, cleaned them up, dried them out, read them and got saved. Hallelujah!

In the end…

Don’t pooh-pooh what God can do; because he can get it done for those who will become his sons!

And so, until we meet again… Remember God loves you.  Read your Bible.



The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all. Amen