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Banking has been a successful con game, but not too many people have an interest in how this pocket picking business ever got started.

On Banksters…

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Banking has been a successful con game, but not too many people have an interest in how this pocket picking business ever got started.  The basic bankster theory is to talk the money out of your pocket and then into their pocket.  After that is accomplished, they can spend it any way they will.

When the banking industry was in its infancy, and a bankster wanted to get some loot, he’d have to convince some trusting soul to hand over his gold and silver coins to him – you know, real money when there was real money.  How did they do it?  First of all, for example, the president of the bank offered a safe place to store money in, like an iron potbelly stove, which was guarded by the grizzly first and second vice presidents of the bank.  Normally they would be armed with a pistol or two to protect the deposits, and wore the sacred badge of professionalism - the tie - to go along with their conservative business suits.   Of course, a lot of folk thought they didn’t need someone else’s iron stove to keep their money in, until a masked gunman  (hired by the banksters?) showed up one night and put a forty-five to their head.  This, by the way, is the time-tested method for turning lead into gold.  Then as banking became a success, and competition between banksters ensued, they’d enticed each other’s customers with more interest on savings accounts, and free toasters, too, which was a great incentive to lure grandma’s life’s savings into their scheme.

Well, what do the banksters do with your money?  First of all, they pay themselves a salary, and today I read one bank’s CEO gets $18,000,000 a year.  Then there is overhead: low echelon employees to hire, and bank buildings to build, from which bad loans are made to homebuyers who cannot possibly pay them back.  These high-risk loans are then sold to other banksters, like one passes a counterfeit buck around, hoping not to get stuck with it in the end.  There is also the other expense of paying stockholders, who need to be given a bone every now and then, to keep things looking up and up and legit.

The truth is, unfortunately, the money one has put into the bank is already spent, like the government has already spent your mandated social security contributions.  Consequently, the banksters have to do some mighty fine pencil sharpening and erasing, to jockey the figures around, hoping you don’t catch on that your money is gone, gone, gone.  And if there is a run on the bank, like the ones that busted the banksters in the 1930’s, there are laws now in place to protect the robbers from being immediately lynched.

And so it goes: They have drained most all the nations cash into their offshore banks, ruined the world’s economy, and blackmailed the common taxpayers, through their governments, to pay them financial ransoms called “bailouts.”

That’s it in a nutshell; and this reminds me of what the Lord said about taking out a loan in the first place, “The rich ruleth over the poor, and the borrower is servant to the lender.” (Proverbs 22:7)  Do the math, and find out the only thing you can totally trust in is the word of God.

So remember – God loves you.  Read your Bible.



The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all.  Amen