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I Remember Surgery, surgery, heaven, God loves you, Read your Bible

Some time ago I had surgery for an umbilical hernia, had anxieties like anyone else, and wondered why I got a hernia in the first place. All I was doing was sitting in the living room one morning, having a cup of joe, and it struck.  So as it happened on surgery day, as I lay there on the gurney (but not in the operating room yet), the nurse was talking to me while sticking an IV into my arm; and the next thing I knew I was waking up from the anesthesia, eyes still closed,  but knew the surgery was over.  The operation was literally over for me before it began.  Then I had a thought…  I guess this is what it is like to go to heaven.  A person is sick one day or healthy, lying on a bed or sitting in a chair, driving down the road or clicking away on the internet, and voilà, you’re with the Lord in a moment, in the twinkling of an eye.  And when it happens, you’ll know immediately where you are.  Someone may ask, “How will you know where you are?” Well, if you’re expecting to go to heaven in the first place, and understand you can go at anytime, healthy or not, then you won’t be surprised; but I suppose if it is a surprise, it will be the best one you ever have.  On the other hand, some people aren’t really looking forward to going to heaven, though they say they are because they got a few things down here to do before they go.  You know, get married, see their children grow up and have kids, their grandchildren grow up and have kids, their great-grandchildren grow up and have kids; retire, take that trip to Europe, and get in the Winnebago and visit all their relatives. Unfortunately for them, company are like fish and begin to smell after three days.  And some will even plead not to go to heaven just now, by quoting the old Tennessee Ernie Ford song, “Tell St. Peter at the Golden Gate that you hate to make him wait, but you just gotta have another cigarette.”

Of course, after the roll is called up yonder for you, the coroner may find some scientific reason your heart stopped ticking.  Perhaps he’ll figure it was a stroke, a heart attack, or it was your being crunched in a car accident or the lead poisoning you contracted via a bullet in the skull.  But the plain fact is when you exit this life to be with the Lord Jesus Christ, you really don’t die anyway: you’ll just leave the temporal life behind and continue on with him in eternal life.  Like he said to Martha about her brother’s being dead, “I am the resurrection, and the life: he that believeth in me, though he were dead, yet shall he live:  And whosoever liveth and believeth in me shall never die. Believest thou this?”

So receive it whichever way you can.  You can look forward to dying first and then go to heaven; or, since you are already seated in heavenly places right now in Christ, you can look forward to leaving earth one moment and continuing in the next moment in heaven.  Yes, it’s true, my believing friend, you’ll just take your last breath here on earth and your next breath in heaven at the pre-appointed day, hour, and second.  Of course, it may be fifty years from now, or at the end of your next breath, but the entire operation will be over before it begins.

Now for those who don’t know the Lord, you will expire on your appointed day, hour, and second as well - or should I say - not so well.  But know this, though, your time to go when the Lord says so, is not determined by how well you eat, or how good a life you live, or by your heredity, or how lucky you are; because it is all a matter of when God pulls the plug on you.  Are you ready to meet the Lord?  Ready or not here he comes! 

And so, until we meet again…  Remember, God loves you.  Read your Bible.


The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all. Amen