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Samuel Morse, Neptune, Mercury, American Revolution, Vulcan, Ceres, McCormick Reaper, Apotheosis of Washington

A couple of years ago I was listening to a preacher and he mentioned the difference between the words  CAPITOL and CAPITAL: the first one, Capitol, with an “o” instead of an “a.”  Well, I never heard about that before, and he gave the explanation for the difference, encouraging us to check it out in a good dictionary.  So I did, and now I’d like to pass on the information to you; so check it out yourself.

The word capital with an "a" means the capital city of a state or nation.  You know, like Sacramento is the capital of California, and Washington DC is the capital of the United States.   That’s simple enough.  But capitol, with the "o", means the building where the state or national legislature meets, and it comes from the Latin word Capitolium, which is the ancient temple of Jupiter at Rome on Capitoline Hill.  This is the building where the main heathen god hangs out, and where the lessor gods worship, such as the despots of this world.  Of course, you are going say this multi-god business is not happening in your national capitol because the capitol is just a building where Congress meets.  Is it?

Well, get educated and check out the official government link below and see for yourself.  In the Rotunda, on the inside of the dome ceiling of the United States of America’s Capitol are paintings which depict Minerva, the Roman goddess of wisdom, teaching the inventors Benjamin Franklin, Robert Fulton, and Samuel Morse; Neptune, the god of water and sea, officiating at the laying of the first trans-Atlantic cable; Mercury, the god of monetary gain, financing the American Revolution; Vulcan, the god of fire, producing weapons of war and engines; Ceres, the goddess of agriculture and fertility seated on the McCormick Reaper; and the centerpiece of the Rotunda called “The Apotheosis of Washington” or Washington ascending to godhood.  I didn’t say it – the government said it!

Folks, the Rotunda is but one part of the capitol in the capital, both of which are richly inundated with occultism; and the state capitols are designed by the same architect.

And so, until we meet again… Remember God loves you.  Read your Bible.


The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all. Amen