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A prophecy I received some time back.

Attend Unto My Voice

[A prophecy  I received some time back.]

My son, attend unto my voice.  Give ear unto my direction, for I am the Lord God that showeth you the way.  As the end of time unfolds, look to those things that are needful for you to do in me.  Be not troubled in mind by the things that are coming upon the world, for they are not a surprise to me, and should not be a surprise to you, for I have already told you about these things.  They are preordained.

Continue in the haven of my word, for it is in my word that I am declared fully for your direction, comfort, and for much grace.  Those who remain steadfast in me and in my word shall not be shaken by those things that are coming upon the earth.  They shall remain steadfast.  But those who do not fear my name shall be shaken sorely as they see the chaos of Satan unleashed in these last days.

Fear not:  I am always with thee.  I am always in control of the situation.  And I have always been victorious, and shall always be victorious: for I am the Lord God Almighty, and there is no other.


The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all.  Amen