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"But he that prophesieth speaketh unto men to edification, and exhortation, and comfort." (I Corinthians 14:3)


 There are long and short messages listed below from 100 words to 19,000 words.

The Abomination Challenge 

Abortion: A Sin that Can be Forgiven

The Abortion Issue

A Recipe for Insanity

A Taming of the Tongue Technique

9/11: Babylon is Fallen

The 9/11 Conspiracy Update

130 Year Old Woman Gives Birth

 An Abomination

Alms in Secret?

The Answer Was Blowin' in the Wind

AO=Word=Lord Jesus Christ=Almighty

"Attend Unto My Voice"

Babylon, USA: Welcome to Reality

The Beastly Buck

Bible Facts vs. Church Tadition

The Big Bang Fact

The Black Angel

Business as Usual

Caesar’s Coliseum of Political Entertainment

Capitol vs. Capital

Catch and Release Evangelists

Chicken Little & Global Warming

Christmas: The Merry Murdering of Christ

The Church is Mentioned After Revelation Chapter 3

Closet Christians

Dear Daughter...

Dear Greg Laurie...

Do Our Pets Go to Heaven?

Dozens of Plums

Earth & Man: The Center of the Universe

East Meets West

The Election

Elmo: The Dog that Licked My Sores

The Evildoers

The First Great Message


"Freely ye have received, freely give."

Give God Your Best

God Gives Break To Convicts

God Loves You.  Read Your Bible.

God's Love

Go Out and Preach

The Gospel is Not For Sale

The Great Escape

Homeland Security Doomed

"I Am Christ"

I  Remember... Ant Heaven

I Remember... Eddie Anderson

I Remember... James Michael Aston

I Remember... Brother Charles Brodhead

I Remember... Margaret Freeman

I Remember...  George Gaines

I Remember... Mary Jameson

I Remember... Joe Loveless

I Remember... Emil Pearson

I  Remember... Theida

I  Remember... Surgery

Image Worship

In My Name...

Is God's Wrath for You?

Jesus Christ: The LORD of the Sabbath

Joseph, Mary & Emmanuel

The Last Days Are Here - Part 1

The Last Days Are Here - Part 2

The Last Days Are Here – Part 3

The Last Days Are Here - Part 4

The Last Days Are Here - Part 5

The Last Days Are Here - Part 6

Losing the War

Lord, are there few...?

Miracle: Preaching the Gospel to the Poor

Moses: My Little Doggy Boy

O.J. Done It!

On Banksters...

Only The Lord Has Titles

The No Frills Saviour

The Patmos Reports

R & R With God

Repent: for the kingdom of heaven is at hand.

Revelation 1:9  (Retirement is Out of this World


The Red Letter Conspiracy

The Right Cross to Bear and Wear

The Rolls Royce at Sally's

Satan's Trophy


Signs of a False Church

So you want a good Christian husband, aye?

Sodomites Nuked

Sodomy: A Sin That Can Be Forgiven

State Churches

Strengthening Yourselves

The Sword Grabbing Antichrists

The Synagogue of Satan

Theater Church

Those Tongues People

Was Judas Iscariot the Son of Simon Peter?

Ways to Preach the Gospel

We Be Kings & Priests (Rev. 1:6)

We Won't Go Out to Meet Him When He Comes

What Life is All About

What Do You Call Him?

What the Devil Doesn't Want You to Know

Where is His Church Meeting?

Which B-Day do You Celebrate?

Which Flag Do You Fly?

Your Forever Father




The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all. Amen