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Patmos Audio Files


50 Words a Day x 50 Years

130 Year Old Woman Gives Birth

153 Equals 144


911: Babylon is Fallen, is Fallen

The 9/11 Conspiracy Update

The Abominable Flag

The Abomination Challenge

The Abomination of Desolation

Abortion: A Sin that Can be Forgiven

The Abortion Issue

All We Like Pigs (So many Times)

Al-Sharpton: There He Goes Again

A Recipe for Insanity

An Abomination

Alms in Secret?

America's God

America, Youre Losing Your Liberty

America's a Christian Nation - NOT!

Another Recipe for National Suicide

The Answer Was Blowin' in the Wind

AO=Word=Lord Jesus Christ=Almighty

Apocalypse Flag Colors: Antichrists

Apple I Computers Satanic Sale Price -$666.66

Are You Parents Saved?

Ash Wednesday and the Mark of the Beast

Ask the Dead 

"Attend Unto My Voice"

Attention John Baptist Followers

Babylon, USA: Welcome to Reality

The Beastly Buck

Being Disrespectful to The Lord Jesus Christ

The Best Preachers of God Today

Bean Bandit

Better Confess Our National Sins

Beware the Leaven of the Denominations

Bible Facts vs. Church Tadition

Bible Omissions: Look Out

The Bible on Lawyers/Liars

Biblical Name for New World Order Supporters

The Big Bang Fact

The Black Angel

Blind Denominational Leaders Leading the Blind

Blown Out of the Water

The Book of Revelation - Comments

The Book of Revelation is for NOW

Born a Sinner or Born Againer?

Box Lunch Auction: Do the Math

Brothers in the Natural and in the Spirit

Bullying: The American Community Survey

Business as Usual

California Prophecy 1969

Capitol vs. Capital

Cancel Their Sins!

Can't Think Above Your Waist?

The Captive Congregation

Catch and Release Evangelists

Chapter 13 The Beast: Revelation 13:1

Chapter 13 The Beast: Revelation 13:2

Chapter 13 The Beast: Revelation 13:3

Chicken Little & Global Warming

Christmas: The Merry Murdering of Christ

The Church After Revelation Chapter 3

The Church is not a Building

Closet Christians

Closet Stewardship 101

Come Out of Her, My People

Commercial Christian Radio

Confess Our National Sins

Confessing to Priests Led to Suicide

"Crazy Mary"

Cui Bono - Cancer Treatment

The Cross as a Phylactery

Deadly Drinking

Dear Greg Laurie...

Dear Hillary Clinton

December 25th Questions

Definition of Good Parenting

Definitions of www.

Detriment to Peace

The Devil's Boys and Prisons

The Doctrine of Balaam and the Nicolaitanes

The Doctrine of Balaam in the Church Now

Don't Count on the Government

Don't Eat The Kings Meat


Do Our Pets Go to Heaven?

Do You Pray in the Name of Jesus or in the Name of Jesus Christ?

East Meets West

Earth & Man: The Center of the Universe, Part 1

Earth & Man: The Center of the Universe, Part 2

Earth & Man: The Center of the Universe, Part 3

Earth & Man: The Center of the Universe, Part 4

Earth & Man: The Center of the Universe, Part 5

Earth & Man: The Center of the Universe, Part 6

Earth & Man: The Center of the Universe, Part 7 The End

Earth & Man: The Center of the Universe, Complete Reading

Easter: The Anti Christs' Celebration

Easter: The Anti Christ Holiday

Ebola USA The Fourth Horsemen

Elmo: The Dog that Licked my Sores

The Election - Any Election

The Election Show is Over

The Evildoers

The Expletive "Jesus Christ"


FAGS Against Trump

Fake News is Here to Stay


The First Great Message

The First Love Message

Flippin-n-Whippin Part 1

Flippin-n-Whippin Part 2

Flippin-n-Whippin Part 3

Flippin-n-Whippin Part 4

Flippin-n-Whippin Part 5

The First Messenger of Satan

Forced Immunizations - Look Out!

"Freely ye have received, freely give."

Friend, Got Your Wedding Garment On?

Gifts for Children

Gifts to the Ministry? - Ha!

Gitmo USA: Last Words of Christian Death Row Prisoners

God Gives Break To Convicts

God is Using the "Denomicees" Like the Pharisees

God's Love

God Takes His Own Vengence

God Loves You.  Read Your Bible.

God's Team Players

The Gospel is Not For Sale

Got an A: Celebrity Recognition Test

Governments That Kill Children

Grace and Peace Comes From The Word of God

The Great Escape

Gun Control Problem of Presidents

The Grandma of Harlots

The Gubment Don't Love You

Have You Thanked the Lord For Your Washing Machine Lately

Hillary Clinton: Commander and Princess?

Hillary Clinton: The Sacrificial Lamb?

Homeland Security Doomed

Hoodies, Crazies, and the Tweaked

How Are Things Going Now?

How I Study the Word of God

How Many in the Rapture

How to Deal with a Noncompliant Wife

How to Pray for Bazillions

How to Turn Rocks Into Riches

Human Beings - Not Human Resource

The Hungry, Thirsty, Stranger, Naked, Sick, and in Prison

Hypocrites Love Religious Titles

"I  Am Christ"

I  Remember Ant Heaven

I Remember Brother Brodhead

I Remember Eddie Anderson

I Remember Emil Pearson a Missionary to Angola

I  Remember Confirmation

I  Remember Corn

I Remember George Gaines

I  Remember Jack Floyd

I  Remember Joe Loveless

I Remember Margaret Freeman

I  Remember The Mark

I  Remember Rex Chin

I  Remember Surgery 

I  Remember Theida

If It Aint Broke Dont Fix It

If thou do that which is evil - be afraid!

Illegal Immigration Invasion

Immigrants are Logs - Legal and Illegal

Is Donald Trump the 911 Counterattack?

Is Donald J Trump The New Abraham Lincoln?

Islam Dont Put Up With Homosexuals

Is Mrs Obama a Homsexual?

Is Uncle Sam Your Uncle?

Is Your Country the Kingdom of God?

Islam Don't Put Up With Homosexuals

James Michael Aston: The True Stroy

Jesus Christ: The Lord of the Sabbath

Joseph, Mary & Emmanuel

Judas Iscariot Eating and Drinking Damnation

Judas Said He Was the Betrayer

The Kitchen - A Place to Pray in Secret

The Last Days Are Here - Part 1

The Last Days Are Here - Part 2

The Last Days Are Here - Part 3

The Last Days Are Here - Part 4

The Last Days Are Here - Part 5

The Last Days Are Here - Part 6

The Least Responsibility in the Church

Lets Do It Not Just Talk It

Little Eppi: Best Kitty in the World

"Lord, are there few..."

The Lords Prayer is a Private Intercessory Prayer

Losing the War

Love Thy Neighbor

M1611: Most Powerful Weapon in the Universe

Male and His Female: Not Male and His Male

Many Antichrists Now

Maranatha Instead of Merry Christmas

Maranatha Report

Mark Suckerburger's MugshotBook: Formerly Facebook

The Medical Profession and Their Satanic Logos

Melania Trump More Testosterone than Barak Obama

Miracle: Preaching the Gospel to the Poor

Money: Good News/Bad News

Moses: My Little Doggy Boy

New Believers Read Your Bible

Nincom Poop Radio AKA National Public Radio or NPR

The No Frills Saviour

Obama Not 1st Black President

Obituary Evangelism

On "Banksters"

On "Imigration"

On "Marking Bibles"

On "Mormon Missionaries"

Only The Lord Has Titles

Open Letter to... Al Gore

Open Letter to... Sarah Palin

Patmos Pete on the Reverend Al Sharpton

Patmos Planet "Shorties" #1

Patmos Planet "Shorties" #2

Patmos Planet "Shorties" #3

Patmos Planet "Shorties" #4

Patmos Planet "Shorties" #5

Patmos Planet "Shorties" #6

Patmos Planet "Shorties" #7

Patmos Planet "Shorties" #8

Patmos Planet "Shorties" #9

Patmos Planet "Shorties" #10

Patmos Planet "Shorties" #11

The Pill vs. The Devil

The Poor Are Chosen

Praise For a Healing

Pray for a Promotion

Pray for the Good, and the Bad, and the Ugly

Pretend Christians and Pretend Churches

Prostitutes in the Church

Put the Word of God on Your Vehicle

R & R with God

The Rapture: Millions Disappear or Re-Appear?

The Red Letter Conspiracy

Regurgitation or Revelation

Religious Wear

Religous Wear vs Prophet Wear

Reprobates Go For, or, Go Pro Hommosexuality

Retirement is Out of this World  (Rev. 1:9)



(Compilation of Selected Verses)

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Chapter 5

Chapter 6

Chapter 7

Chapter 8



The Word of God

The Church in Revelation

The Seven Trumpets

The First Trumpet

Possessed by Satan 


The Right Cross to Bear and Wear

The Rolls Royce at Sally's

Santa Claus: A Recipe for Insanity

Satan's Trophy

Scripture Readings

Secret Weapon Against Kim Jong Un

See Jesus and Think The Word of God

Senator Al Franken the Jew: The American Community Survey

Senators and Congressmen Anti-Christs


The Seven Headed Beast is Here Today

Silent Witness: Importatant Message

Silent Witness - Important Witness: Update

Silent Witness - Important Witness: Update 2

So you want a good Chrisain husband, aye?

Sodomites Nuked

Sodomy: A Sin That Can Be Forgiven

So get with it and invest in them gems

Strengthening Yourselves

The State Church

The Sword Grabbing Antichrists

The Synagogue of Satan

Take the Mass Out of Christmas

Telephone Book Evangelism

The Temple Has Been Rebuilt

Theater Church

They Shall Speak With New Tongues

There’s Room ON the Cross For You

Those Tongues People

Three Things That Will Destroy America

Todays Psycho Babel Antichrist

Truck Sign - God Loves You

Truck Sign - Maranatha

Truck Sign - Repent

Trumpians Herodian Clintonians

Unless You Pray, Open Borders Are Here To Stay

War is Hell by Fire or Otherwise

Was Judas Iscariot the Son of Simon Peter?

Way Back When... The Twist

Wayward Children

We Be Kings and Priest

Web Meister Gospel Switcharoo

We Won't Go out to Meet Him When He Comes

What Do You Call Him

What is a Female Bully?


What if a Woman's Libber Was Married to Paul the Apostle

What Life is All About

What's The Name?

When You've Gone to Pot...

Where is His Church Meeting?

Which Are the Synagogues of Satan??

Which B-Day do You Celebrate?

Which Flag Do You Fly?

Whoever Owns the Money Owns the Nation

Who Art Thou?

Who in the Heck is "Larry?"

Who is Behind the Queen?

Who is the Seven Headed Beast Today?

Who's on the No Salt Diet?

Who's Your Daddy?

Who's Your Grandpappy?

William Tell Had Testosterone

Writing the Word of God

You are Losing Your God Given Rights, America

YOU are the Mansion

Your Forever Father

You Say You Are Homosexual







The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all. AmenPatmos Planet